Saturday, June 13, 2009


As summer approaches, you might want to spruce up your garden with some decorative flower pots or painted watering cans. What better way to get the latest crafting ideas than by using our FREE Garden Craft eBook? Not only are these ideas decorative and fun, but they are a great way to help the environment.

Personal gardens reduce the reliance on industrial farms, which use chemical fertilizers and more oil for transportation, contribute to plastic waste through packaging, and contribute to greater carbon emissions. Organic vegetables from the back garden simply taste better and help encourage people to eat better.

In the spirit of this wonderful movement, we have put together this exclusive collection of our favorite garden crafts. We hope these ideas inspire you to start your own garden. Use recycled materials for some of these crafts and you’ll be an eco-goddess. Here are just a few of the ideas to make your garden a beautiful place. We have in our free eBook:

Get the Garden Craft eBook for free now! [PDF]

Section 1: Flower Pots
Learn how to decorate your very own clay flower pots for spring!

Section 2: Plant Stakes
These decorative plant stakes will brin your garden to life.

Section 3: Watering Cans
Turn an ordinary watering can into a sentimental keepsake you will want to save forever.

Section 4: Garden Decorations
Decorate your garden with everything from some cute clay turtles to floral vegetable storage crates.

Happy Crafting!

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