Thursday, June 11, 2009


I always though life's road would be smooth after accepting Christ as my Personal Savior late in life, being married for 15 years to my soul mate, and having 3 wonderful children. But, I must admit after this last year, I know now that life sure does "throw us curve balls," when we are least expecting it. But, I also know, the Christ (the God of this Universe) is sovereign! And I rejoice in that and praise Him for that!
A dear friend of mine shared with me her "old recycled magazines." And I am glad she did! For this afternoon while reading the MOPS Connections magazine, I was truly blessed by the following:
Curves Ahead
By: Shelly Radic (Director of Ministry Life)
In a world without curves, there would be ...
No mountains or hillsWinding rivers or arching waves.
No broad valleys or deep canyons
Puffy clouds or crescent moon.
A sameness in the shapes and forms of creation.

In a world without curves, there would be ....
No game spinners or chance cards
Nothing to bounce or kick or toss
No Slinky, no Twister, no Hula hoop,
No yo-yo, physical or emotional.
Precious little playtime to relievelife's stress and strain.

In a world without curves there would be ...
infrequent need to inquire for directions,
And rare opportunities to trustin the midst of the unknown.
Little anticipation before the
climax of a great story,
And no dynamic crescendo or
decrescendo in a song.
Fewer surprises, good and bad.

In a world without curves, there would be ...
Straight lines,
Sameness and safety.
Extreme predictability.
More freedom from choice.
Little adventure or opportunityto try something new.

In a world without curves, there would be ...
No rosy cheeks, arching eyebrows or bowed lips,
No shapely hip or rounded breast,
No burgeoning bump. No woman.
Nothing to shelter, support and shape a child.

In a world without curves, there would be ...
No rotation around an axis,
Therefore, no season,
No revolution around the sun,
Therefore, no patter of day or night.
No rainfall, no sunshine, no rest.

In a world without curves, there would be ...No life!
Therefore, today, I thank God for the "Curve Balls" he allows us to go through!

Thanks for listening,
In His Garden of Grace,
Karina Struven

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