Tuesday, June 9, 2009


"Hi all!

What a great day I had today with my oldest son. He had a field trip that he was not at all excited about going on, so I decided we needed a 'mom and me day!' (at the age of 13).

I found out the most important thing today: they are NEVER too old to have a 'mom and me day!' It used to be 'mommy and me,' but with his ever changing physic, emotional and mental capacity now at 13, MOM and ME worked great!

It was great to be a growing teenager with him and sleep until 10:30 a.m.! I am always up before the crack of dawn (which I was, but went back to sleep after the other children left for school). How refreshing -- REST!

We grabbed a hot dog at the local hot dog stand 'Corky's' and headed out to Bultema Farms in NW Indiana. As we walked around the green house, he was so excited to help pick out flowers. With his extensive knowlege of horticulture -- something I had no idea he had or enjoyed so much-- I was blessed by having him with me and loving God's beautiful flowers! I am a flower addict. If I had hundreds to spend, I would have.

The best part about the Greenhouse Walk was when Ken turned and said to me 'Mom, I love life and living things.' What 13 year old boy who is so analytical can be so caring and loving? That is my Kenny! It touched my inner being to know that he is so still in touch with his emotions and heart and that he will accept these wonderful feelings; and even share them with me.

What a blessed day we had. As we came home he was so excited to help me unload the Truck with all our beautiful flowers (and let me add --- did we get a deal $5 a flat!). We headed to the back yard and planted them right away! Of course, the dirt and water were the highlight for him! But for me -- it was spending time on our Greenhouse Walk.

Many Blessings

To God Be the Glory!"

Karina's Garden of Grace

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