Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I have just found the coolest blog gaget, theblogfrog. While Facebook and Twitter have been known to be great avenues for generating connection, I find that sometimes there are some people I just didn't care for in high school, nor they did me and you are almost obligated to rekindle past gone friendships.

I find after all my reading, that nowadays Moms are online more than any other generation before. This is definitely the new age of 'technology' and connecting through blogs. Most of us are sooooo busy with our family life that our only outlet is blogging and keeping posted with people any time of day that way.

I know myself I am longing for deeper connections, with likeminded frugalistas! Therefore, I have decided to make a community and I can do that easily with theblogfrog.

So come and bring with you ideas, bargains, deals, news and more with you to share with all of us!

Look for my Community Link on the lefthand side of this blog and hop on the to the pond with me!

I am hoping that Karina's Garden of Grace forum will be a place where you may sit and come and share your hearts desires, deals and stories!

Hop On Over Now and Join the Community!

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