Friday, July 24, 2009

CVS Coupon Booklets Coming Soon

As of August 1, you should be able to snag a coupon booklet from your CVS Pharmacy full of some great coupons. Simply ask about the Autorefill program at the pharmacy counter and they should give it to you. It contains the following coupons:

  • (two) $4 off $20 purchase (yay!)
  • $4 off $20 Diet or Nutrition products
  • $4 off $20 Facial Skin products
  • $2 off $10 Vitamin purchase
  • $2 off $10 Allergy products
  • $2 off $10 Oral Care products
  • $3 off $12 Eye Care products

The word is that some people have already found this booklet near the pharmacy area. I recommend grabbing several if you can–or at least one from each CVS you shop at!

Happy Shopping,

Karina's Garden of Grace

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