Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Do you really know how to cook with herbs? I didn't! I want to share a wonderful tip with you that I have learned.

Fresh herbs are always better, but Dried Herbs are just as good! Usually dried herbs are almost always what I have in my pantry!

Here's the Tip:

For instance, you are making Spaghetti sauce, when you are browning your meat you will want to take your herbs (i.e., Italian Seasoning, Basil, etc.) and add 1/2 of them. If using fresh herbs just chop finely and add. All the aroma and seasoning will seep out as you are chopping. ***If using dried herbs instead of just dumping the seasoning in from the bottle (like I used to do), you will want to pour the seasoning (remember 1/2 of the total amount you will use) into the palm of your hand and gently rub your palms together before adding to your sauce. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT STEP...because it releases the oils and aromas from the dried herbs. **** Now when your meat is browned and you are adding your sauce go ahead and add the remaining seasonings as stated above.

I was amazed, but this really works.

Enjoy and ~

Happy Cooking!


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