Wednesday, July 29, 2009


By: Karina Struven

Now that summer is here you might have some free time to use up. You an start by turning your "hidden treasures," into some money-making time -- by hosting a garage/yard sale. I know from experience, that a garage sale is a Fantastic way to purge your home from all of those "hidden treasures" -- as well as, make some extra needed cash. So come on, get up and start purging that house, clear out the closets and cash in on some of your "hidden treasures."

By following these short steps you an obtain garage sale success:

1. Pick a date that works best for you and where you live. I've noticed that in my neighborhood, Thursday is the best day. While Friday is slower. See if your neighborhood is hosting a multi-sale and if you want to join your neighbors, you might attract more traffic to your sale.
2. Sort and organize all of your "treasures." Even though this might be more time consuming, it is definitely worth it! Make sure that everything has all their parts and that everything is in working order. Be sure to wash old clothes and toys -- display them easily for people to browse through your selection. After all, nobody wants to purchase dirty-dusty items.
3. Price all merchandise. I did this by creating a price list very easily on my computer. After printing off the list, I then cut it into either rectangles and/or circle shapes and labeled every item with tape. Not only is this a neat, clean and pretty presentation; it saved me time having to repeat the prices to customers. REMEMBER: be reasonable on your pricing. If grouping items, make sure your price is clear -- (set of 4 for $5.00, etc.)
4. Advertise your Sale. If you are fortunate enough to live off of a busy highway and/or main artery in your town, that can save you tons of advertising money. But if you do not, by all means, utilize the garage sale advertisers in your area. The most avid garage sale shoppers do check the weekly ads, both in the paper and online. When using signs to advertise your sale, make sure they are marked appropriately and clearly. There is nothing worse than a confusing sign to a passerby. Mark your sign with the following: Time, Date, Location, Directions (an arrow), Hours and Specials.
5. Be Prepared! This is so important for your own piece of mind because on the day of the sale most likely you are going to have "early birds." Have your money ready and safely hidden. You should start with at least $5 in small coin; $15 in singles; and $10 in fives. Also make sure that you provide used grocery store bags so that your eager shoppers can carry away their new found treasures. This is also a great way to recycle those unwanted bags.
6. At the end of the day! Hopefully you have had a successful day and now it is time to call it quits, but you probably have leftover items. Now what? Box them up right away! Do not bring them back into your house. Either keep them right in your garage for another quick sale and/or donate all of these "leftover treasures" to a local charity, shelter, and/or thrift store. REMEMBER: "One man's junk is another man's treasure."
7. CHA-CHING! Count your new made moolah and head to the bank!

Happy Selling,
Karina Struven


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  1. There are several sites where folks can advertise their garage sale for free. One of these is More than just a listing, your sale appears on a map with printable turn-by-turn directions to the sale.

    Plus, if you *do* have a GPS device, you can download the data to your unit and hit the road paper-free.


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